About Me – Karl W Gruber

Hi, I’m Karl Gruber, I am a Certified Law Of Attraction Life Coach, Author, and Writer, I am a marathon runner (click here to read more about my marathon highlights) …

My work as a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach has blossomed out of my deep belief that you have an “extraordinary” – a very real champion – deep within you that is just waiting to be unleashed, and blossom to its fullest potential – a champion that you may not even be aware of that has existed within you since the moment you were born!

My focus on helping you to understand, practice and integrate fitness, health, and well-being into your life, is just one piece of the formula to unleash your inner champion.

I will also guide you to build a rock-solid personal foundation for your life by fortifying your 3 Pillars – Mental, Physical, and Spiritual allowing you create the life you truly desire to live and enjoy life maximally, utilizing the Law of Attraction.

Excellent health and fitness generally correlate to a longer, happier, more enjoyable life, along with a strong personal foundation, which then allows you to pursue with clarity and purpose, your inherent passion and purpose in your life.

As a Law Of Attraction Life Coach, as well as in all of my writing and teaching, I help you remember your own inherent power to create positive self-esteem, worthiness, and the belief that you really can achieve all of your highest aspirations, dreams, goals, and desires.

There is nothing you cannot be, do, or have!

There is a great creative power within each of us just waiting to be remembered and unleashed, and I will help you to do just that.

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Personalized Law of Attraction Life Coaching

I offer one-on-one Law of Attraction life coaching from my studio in Columbus Ohio and periodically in Kona, Hawaii – and of course, via smartphone or Skype, anywhere in the world, by appointment. I also facilitate group sessions for clubs and corporations, online or in-person, by arrangement.

Click here to make an appointment, or feel free to contact me to ask questions or to inquire about individual or group sessions.

The 3 Pillars: A Simple 3 Step Process To Manifest Positive & Permanent Change In Your Life

The 3 Pillars by Karl Gruber, Law of Attraction Life Coach

My highly successful eBook, The 3 Pillars: A Simple 3 Step Process to Manifest Positive & Permanent Change in Your Life, Kindle edition is available on Amazon.com for $3.99 or for a limited time I am offering it for free* in PDF format.

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