Divine Guidance

You know, I love sharing my ideas, thoughts, insights, experiences, and teachings with you! Sometimes what I share is pretty personal, not just from a Law of Attraction Life Coach point of view, and so it is with this writing, too.

Curious that I have only one or two close friends who I would personally share these things with, but here I am writing them for you to read and review…But that is OK because I feel like I am writing to my friends when I write this stuff…

Divine Guidance Whispering Ever So Quietly

So within the last few months, I have made a conscious decision to turn every single aspect of my life over to the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit, My Divine Source.

I looked back at how my life has transpired thus far, and I have done a sort of a good job, but I see I have taken many a wrong turn and made needless and countless poor choices – simply because my inner ear was not tuned to what my Divine Guide has been whispering ever so quietly, consistently, and lovingly to me at every single step of my life’s journey.

Divine Guidance Comes To Each And Every One Of Us

Keep Looking Forward! Don’t Ever Look Back

I mean, I figure my Divine Source has most def got to do a better job than I have to this point in my life! Subsequently, because of my deeply personal decision to turn everything about Karl Gruber over to Divine guidance and inspiration, I find that I actually have started to hear His directions, guidance, and loving suggestions to me. And, low and behold, I actually have started to pay attention, and do what He is directing me to do. Whoo-Hoo!

For example, a couple of weeks ago, I caught on that I was being given a particular message of guidance. It started in the morning when I received a regular e-mail from The Foundation For Inner Peace, (the organization that publishes the modern spiritual guide, A Course In Miracles) The e-mail basically told me to, “Not to look back. Keep my sight looking ahead, and don’t dwell on the past.”

So I thought that was cool, and went on my way into my day. Later that morning, I was out on a dirt and gravel path in a public park doing my daily run, and a family passed me as they rode bikes. The final two bike riders that went by me were the little daughter (who was trying to turn around and look at her dad behind her, while she was riding, but she was weaving around as she attempted this). As her dad, who was riding right behind her, passed by me, he said out loud to her, “Don’t look back. Keep looking ahead!”

Within a few seconds of hearing him say this, I suddenly realized that my Divine Guide was again speaking to me the same message I had read in the e-mail only a couple hours earlier. “Keep looking forward! Don’t ever look back!”

Divine Guidance Comes To Each And Every One Of Us

Divine guidance from a duckling

So you see, if you make a conscious effort to tune your inner ear, eyes, and mind to the constant flow of Divine guidance that comes to each and every one of us, you really can get the message – the guidance that is meant to direct you down the path of your highest aspirations, dreams, desires, and safety.

Yet one more experience with what was Divine guidance and direction happened to me just the other day – and mind you, this is the very first time I am sharing this with anyone – came in the form of me swimming in a pool.

So it was a hot summer evening recently, so I headed over to the pool in my living complex, for a swim. No one was around as I prepared to dive in to do a few laps, that is except for a family of ducks who were also in the pool doing a few laps of their own!

As soon as I got in the pool and starting swimming, evidently I scared the whole family of ducks out of the water, and off they went – that is, all except the smallest baby duck who remained. Evidently, he was so small he could not muster enough power to leap from the water to the concrete lip of the pool that was several inches above the water line.

Who Knew Ducks Could Swim Underwater

In the ensuing minutes of my lap swimming, I saw this little duck swimming underwater as fast as he could from the end of the pool where I was, so he could escape me, who he was afraid of. I was amazed! I didn’t even know ducks could swim underwater like that, let alone a baby duck!

This went on and on for many, many minutes. When I would surface, there was the little guy, still unable to get out of the pool, and quacking for his mom and dad, because he was afraid, alone, and scared.

When I finally got out of the water, I watched as yet another family of ducks arrived and got in for a swim. I could see the little guy was excited to see more ducks, but alas, it wasn’t his family!

My heart went out to the little guy, who was really afraid and alone, and all he wanted to do was be near the other ducks, but they chased him away because he wasn’t part of their clan.

An Analogy Of My Life Up To This Point In Time

Finally, all of these other ducks left the water, and once again the baby duck was alone and stuck in this pool, quacking his heart out to escape! I wanted to try to help him to get out, but every time I approached, he went the other direction. On and on this went until finally, with a mighty leap (only because he finally found a concrete step leading out of the pool) he launched himself free of his prison, and off he went quacking his young heart out in search of his family.

What has this got to do with Divine Guidance being given to me? I’m not sure why, but this episode with this stuck, lost, helpless little duck left me pretty shook-up. After some deep contemplation on this experience, it was given me to realize that this episode is an analogy of my life up to this point in time.

I was enlightened to realize that this little duck swimming under water from one end of the pool to the other, over and over and over, trying to escape what he was afraid of – and seemingly lacking the strength to escape the situation was – ME!

Escape The Endless Cycle Of Running From What You Fear

Yes, this was exactly what I had been doing my entire life, until, like this baby duck, I finally just couldn’t take it anymore! I just HAD to muster all the strength I could to escape this seemingly endless cycle of fleeing what I feared without any hope of escaping, and I did. I have!

I finally took that mighty leap of faith, and went off in search of my Divine Guide, calling his name as I went (Minus the quacking! Haha!) And the coolest part is that He answered me, and now I hear. Now I listen. Now I follow His direction! I am so blessed to have taken that mighty leap of faith.

I write this to give you hope, too. You too can escape the endless cycle of running from what you fear, and from the seemingly inescapable world of lack and attack. All you have to do is take that mighty leap of faith, and I guarantee you that your Divine Source will be/is there, waiting for you with open, loving arms.

I leave you with this little affirmation that I wrote and posted on my frig, “I move confidently forward in complete trust and faith, always looking forward, and never looking back.”

With Great Love & Hope,

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