The Trust Monkey

The longer I live, and as I continue my journey of spiritual enlightenment and awakening, the more I realize that I just never know when, where or how inspiration will come from.

I’ve been inspired and motivated by downtrodden people who have risen way above what was thought possible of them. I have been inspired by a momentary glimpse of the stunning beauty of a flower blossoming in a ray of morning sunshine as I rushed by it during my daily run. I’ve been inspired, charmed, and enlightened by a baby duckling.

And now my latest inspiration comes from my own silly sense of humor!

I Take My Inspiration Where I Can Get

OK, I admit it, I’ve always had a different perspective on things, and my sense of humor can seem downright childish much of the time, but, darn it, I take my inspiration where I can get – and Lord knows, we need all the inspiration we can get in a world that seems to be based on lack and attack!

So I give you (drum roll please!) The Trust Monkey! Haha! Like I said, a fairly childish, simplistic effort on my part, but it works for me, that is. Here’s how the Trust Monkey came into being a couple of days ago:

The trust monkey

I was at the end of a long, tiring day, and before I was about to turn in for the night, I came across a trinket left over from a holiday dinner party I was at this past year at a friend’s house. It was a little, painted glass monkey with a metal place card holder sticking out of its head, meant for the hostess to easily put a name card in so you knew where to sit at the table.

As I left the dinner party at night’s end, she gave me a stash of awesome food, cookies, etc. to take home with me. When I got home and opened this bag of goodies, I found the little glass monkey, and I placed it in my kitchen cupboard and forgot about it…that is until this night when it returned to my sight.

Well the past few days, I had been reading quite a bit about trust. I’ve also written a fair amount about trust. Trust is something that I have been trying to develop and integrate in myself. Trust in my Source, in the Universe, in All That Is, in the eternally flowing Stream of Wellbeing.

I’ve come to understand that “trust” actually means “consistency” in believing in, and knowing that I am always taken care of and lovingly watched over by The Creator, and when I trust in this knowing, it increases in power, and moves to a higher vibrating place of Love.

Trust In The Universal Truths Of Love And Light

As a Law of Attraction Life Coach, I’ve come to know and live by the beauty and simplicity of understanding that “like attracts like”. I have also come to experience that as I consistently trust in the Universal Truths of Love and Light, so too does the feeling of pure peace that I am truly taken care of at every moment.

This is a very freeing feeling! So, with sleepy eyes, and mind, I pulled out my marker, and simply printed the word “TRUST” on a small piece of paper, and stuffed it into the monkey’s name cardholder, put it on my desk in my bedroom, and hit the sack for the night.

The next morning I woke up feeling unusually refreshed, and as I walked over to my desk and turned the light on, the first thing I saw was The Trust Monkey! I just started laughing and laughing, and grinning from ear-to-ear, and that is how I started my day.

Find Or Make Your Own Form Of A “Trust Monkey”

As I drank my morning cup of java, I kept thinking about and occasionally walking over to look at this silly little Trust Monkey, and kept laughing! How simplistic! How seemingly silly, but it’s not silly. It’s absolutely wonderful that I can find something like this to immediately and lovingly remind me that I always trust in my Source!

And when I look at it, I laugh not because it’s dumb (at least not to me), but because I know that I am completely and lovingly taken care of by All That Is. Not only that, it always puts me in a good mood and makes me smile, ready to roll into my day to hopefully inspire others to trust, too.

So wherever and however you do it, find or make your own form of a “Trust Monkey” as a constant reminder to yourself that your true, Divine self is always, always taken care of and loved, bathed in the Light of your Source, and always flowing downstream in the Stream of Wellbeing! The Trust Monkey has spoken – T-R-U-S-T!

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