Tread Lightly, Love Heartily, Forgive Easily

The other day I was out on my usual morning run when I realized that I could hear the impact of my running shoes hitting the pavement pretty loudly with every stride. This type of loud foot impact whether you’re running or walking is usually a good indicator of incorrect form.

I immediately corrected my running form by landing more on my fore and midfoot and consciously trying to run lighter and easier. Right away I noticed how my stride and pace improved for what turned out to be a nice run in the brilliant morning light of the rising summer sun!

Bull In A China Shop

The impact of my running shoes reminded me to tread lightly

Later on, I considered my “heavy feet” of my daily run to be a metaphor of how many of us go through our life! Every “foot strike” (i.e., read that as “every action”) we take, we are literally like the proverbial “bull in a china shop” wreaking havoc in not only our own daily life but those around us, too!

So I simply stopped myself and said, “Why not simply tread lightly as I go through life?” You don’t have to be a “bull in a china shop” to make people notice you (which so many of us do subconsciously!) Believe me, you can make a greater, more positive impact on the world by “treading lightly” to promote your agenda of being a positive, inspiring, loving force in your own life and others.

So I further considered how I could make my and everyone’s lives even nicer, joyful, peaceful, even playful. Immediately, I thought of the two main ingredients of life – Love and Forgiveness.

It’s like a recipe for a making your life a wonderful journey, and awesome experience, and a very, very cool way to go through life – TREAD LIGHTLY, LOVE HEARTILY, FORGIVE EASILY!

Go Through Every Day Of Your Life Treading Lightly

Truly, if you live by this simple formula, this joyful credo, there will be no wreckage of broken china laying behind you – the former bull in a china shop!

Instead – and you will be very pleasantly surprised at this – as you make it a daily practice to go through every day of your life treading lightly, loving heartily, and forgiving easily, your life will be so much easier, enjoyable, peaceful, and happy (and in ways you may never even perceive).

With the ego currently on a rampage of brutal, continual judgement, attack, and hate year after year, century after century, know that the change to a happier, healthier, more loving and peaceful world starts with you – especially if you start living by this simple formula – TL + LH + FE = TLP (True Love & Peace).

By the way, if you are ever running in a race next to me, and you hear my feet slapping the ground loudly, it’s OK for you to slug me in the arm and tell me to “lighten up!”

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