True Spirituality & the Law of Attraction: A Beautiful Symbiotic Relationship

As a neophyte Law of Attraction practitioner, Karl Gruber could use this Universal law to manifest some small desires, but in an inconsistent manner.

Upon becoming a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach in 2012 and working with clients on a daily basis who were also getting inconsistent results in manifesting their desires and dreams, Gruber became deeply curious as to what it took to become a consistent co-creator with the Law of Attraction.

Through a gradual unfolding epiphany, it dawned upon him what the key was to unlock the secret to consistent manifesting.

What is key is that it is essential it is to create and maintain a rock-solid personal foundation based on the 3 pillars of your being in full resonance and alignment with the eternal, unchanging, non-dualistic spiritual principles.

This led to his 2014 writing of a short eBook explaining his new understanding, and how to incorporate these important Universal principles in your own life.

Fast forward to the year 2022, and his book, True Spirituality & the Law of Attraction: A Beautiful Symbiotic Relationship became his full-length book expansion on the principles of his 3 Pillars.

Upon reading this new book you will learn how you can consistently live in harmony and resonance with both eternal spiritual truths and the Law of Attraction. In doing so your highest, right-minded aspirations, dreams, goals, and desires will unfold beautifully in your life.

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True Spirituality & the Law of Attraction: A Beautiful Symbiotic Relationship

Praise For Karl Gruber’s Book

“Karl Gruber’s new book True Spirituality & the Law of Attraction is one that will absolutely resonate with those who are advanced students of the Law of Attraction and spirituality, as well as those with new awareness.

As an expert teacher on The Law of Attraction, 7 Essential Laws and Energy Mastery, I have witnessed Karl’s growth over the decade, and he himself has become a great teacher and expert on this subject matter.”

CHRISTY WHITMAN, New York Times bestselling author

Excellent. A mind-expanding guide to a much-needed synthesis of understanding. A great book by Karl Gruber to assist awakening.

  • DR. JOE VITALE, featured teacher in the movie, The Secret, and world-renowned teacher of the Law of Attraction

I’m excited to recommend Karl Gruber’s new book ‘True Spirituality & The Law of Attraction’! Karl brings a much needed and refreshing clarification to the Law of Attraction principles and how they truly function. Also, as a student and teacher of A Course in Miracles, I’m deeply appreciative that Karl has perfectly highlighted the true source of our creative ability – our connection with our Source. Of the many gifts offered throughout this book, you will receive a loving reminder that in truth, you are a powerful spark of the Divine with pure creative power!” 

  • FIONA WILLIAMS – Author of ‘Awakening Your Right Mind’ and ‘Healing from Fear and Following Spirit with A Course in Miracles’

As a teacher of metaphysics and Universal Laws, I admire how Karl presents and has made these concepts mentally accessible for all. Whether a novice to Law of Attraction or a full-on Spiritual Gangster, this book is filled with powerful points of perspective. One can anticipate new levels of growth and awareness from this literary work. A great read and self-investment.

  • ELENI YIAMBILIS, Metaphysical Teacher & CEO at

Karl’s passion to uplift every reader radiates through each word in his book. Though I am not a marathon runner like Karl, I could relate to his journey to spirituality and the law of attraction as there was a sense of familiarity.  This is a great book for anyone seeking more out of life, especially a deeper meaning and a divine connection to all that is. Very uplifting and inspirational. Highly recommend.

  • RENEE MARCOU, CEO iHeart Coaching Academy & Holistic Life Coach

Being a manifestation practitioner and spiritual coach myself, I wish that I had of had this book to read when I was first starting out on my awakening experience. Karl has done an incredible job of not just explaining the law of attraction but also that of true non-dualistic spirituality in a way that those just starting out will be able to comprehend. I am so pleased and grateful to be co-creating with such an authentic and inspiring lightworker. Great job Karl.

  • JENNIFER MATTHEWS, Founder of Superconscious Success/Manifestation Practitioner/Spiritual Coach.

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