Understanding Channeling

I am a big fan and student of channeled writing and teaching, and there are many of these entities that teach through individuals, here on earth. In case you are not sure what “channeled” work is, it is a non-physical entity or being(s) who communicates with our world via a human individual.

Some of these entities who do this have become very famous throughout the world. One of the most famous is “Abraham” (a collective” of energetic, non-physical entities) who teaches and communicates through a woman named Esther Hicks. 

There’s “Seth”, an entity who taught through a woman, the late, Jane Roberts, in the 1970’s, and produced many books called “The Seth Material”. 

There is also a duo of non-physical beings named “Orin and DaBen” who teach through two individuals named Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. Orin and DaBen produce a multitude of books, music, guided meditations, and prayers focused on Divine Light, Love, and Peace.

And yet another impactful non-physical being is Lazaris that has, since 1974, taught through a man named, Jach Pursel. Lazaris provides the world with techniques, meditations, and useable tools to individuals to live a spiritually expanding and enlightening path.

Non-physical Beings Channeled by Human Beings

I’m sure there are far more non-physical beings that are now being channeled by individuals than I know about, but it seems that each of these entities have chosen a human mouthpiece to teach the world how to live happier, healthier, more abundant, enjoyable, and loving lives during their lifetime in their current human form, in this time, in this place.

For me, this was key for me to realize that these non-physical teachers are visiting us now and here to help us to live joyfully, and helping us to understand and see beyond what we see only with our eyes and hear only with our ears.

The reason this is so is there are very old, very ingrained dogmas and superstitions within the world’s mass consciousness that anything that is seemingly not within the parameters of earthly religious teachings, it must inherently be evil, and from the dark side. If a channeling such as I’m talking about here were to have occurred say, back during the pilgrim times during the Salem Witch Trials, that individual would have been burned at the stake without hesitation, because she must be a witch.

Fortunately this does not happen in today’s world (that we know of, anyway), as seemingly the population of the world is now, more than ever, ready and willing to listen to these non-physical teachers, and awaken to the truth that there is far more for us to know, be, and do beyond that which our 5 physical senses seem to offer us.

A Course in Miracles

Also, A Course In Miracles, which is the modern spiritual guide that has absolutely nothing to do with religion, and is exclusively an uncompromising teaching of non-dualistic spirituality and Love, is actually a channeled work itself, and is my main teaching as a Light Worker, Life Coach, and Spiritual Counselor.

The A.C.I.M. was channeled and then written by Dr. Helen Schucman and her co-scribe, Dr. William Thetford, in the early 1970’s, and then finally published in 1975 by the Foundation for Inner Peace. Dr. Schucman heard the voice of Jesus instructing her to write down all she heard over a number of years before it was completed. As the Foundation’s website states,

“As a universal, self-study spiritual thought system, the Course is a unique process for teaching forgiveness and how to remove barriers in the student’s mind to the awareness of love’s abiding presence.”

A Course In Miracles is perhaps the only channeled work available that continually acknowledges that the life we each are living here and now, and all of the lives that have ever been throughout all the history of mankind, is simply an ego-driven dream of separation from God.

A dream that, because of our belief that we have split-off from God, we live in mortal fear that He is now totally pissed-off at us, and wants to kill us. Because of this, man lives this dream life of separation in a world where everything deteriorates, and eventually dies. Where nothing is constant, and everything and everyone is caught in a seemingly endless cycle of lack, attack, judgment, war, murder, and non-stop brutality.

My Conclusion

So back to my initial concern of wondering just why there are so many non-physical beings now being channeled here on earth, and are they evil or are they here to truly help us live a happier life, and to guide us to eventually wake of from this dream of separation from our Creator?

My conclusion, from reading, listening and studying all that these non-physical, channeled beings are providing to us physical earth dwellers is that yes, they are in alignment with Universal Love and Truth, and there is nothing evil or deceiving in any of them.

What I have realized, however, that every one of their teachings and guidance is to teach us how to live a better, happier, more joyful life within the dream of each of our lifetimes – that is their primary focus.

It took me a while to get past my belief that they did not teach the “grand understanding” as taught in the A.C.I.M. – that we will all eventually awaken from this brutal, painful dream of separation from All-That-Is, and the world, the Universe, and all bodies, will disappear into the nothingness that they came from in this illusion once we remember our true Divine Self – the Holy Son of God Himself.

Over my years of studying these channeled works, I have come to see that everyone of them at some point, states this fact of our Divine nature and true reality, and of the unfathomable glory that awaits us beyond the illusion of this life.

This was and is comforting to me, but I also realized that everyone of these non-physical teachers primary mission is to help us to live a better life while we imagine we are in this body. Thank God for them, because individuals humans within this world that are of the same ilk as these non-physical beings, are certainly very, very few and far between. And when they do follow this course, then many of these beautiful, loving human beings are then ignored, ostracized or even killed.

The main thought behind this writing is to help you to release any suspicions, unease, or religious beliefs that make you afraid to study the many, many channeled teachings that are now available to you to truly open your heart and mind to go beyond the endless chaos, and brutality of this world, and know, I mean really know, that you can learn to live, be, do, and have joyfully, happily, healthily, and abundantly during your lifetime, and also remember your true, Divine Self.

I don’t know about you, but this thought, this realization is absolutely freeing to me, and allows me to soar high above with the Eagle King, who always keeps his eye on your highest good in every moment of your life.    

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