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World Awakenings #18: October 28 2019
Poul Laursen

From Oslo, Norway, World Awakenings visits with Life Coach & Spiritual Teacher, Poul Laursen.

He discusses his forthcoming series of 3 books about Shamanism, and how a young man’s trials & tribulations teaches him how to claim his personal power.

Poul also teaches us about the 7 Elements of personal transformation. I know you will love the wisdom & energy Poul has to share!

Listen or download the podcast by clicking the links below or watch the entire interview with Poul Laursen on YouTube.

World Awakenings episode #17: September 21 2019
Gary Renard
This episode of World Awakenings features one of the world’s preeminent teachers of the modern spiritual guide, “A Course In Miracles”, Gary Renard.

You won’t be disappointed as Gary takes us on a deep learning and understanding of the non-dualistic spiritual teachings of the A.C.I.M., and how to incorporate them successfully into your daily life!

Listen or download the podcast by clicking the links below or watch the entire interview with Gary Renard on Youtube.

World Awakenings episode #16: August 25, 2019
Karl Gruber
This time on World Awakenings, host Karl Gruber spreads his wings & flies solo! Karl discusses topics like being S.B.N.R. (Spiritual But Not Religious), how to consistently co-create the things you truly desire using the Law of Attraction, and how to understand and incorporate true non-dualistic spirituality as taught in “A Course In Miracles”. So come to this one with an open mind and an open heart!

World Awakenings episode #15: July 21, 2019
Renee Marcou
A truly exciting episode of World Awakenings with Life Coach, Singer, Reiki & Yoga Master, Renee Marcou! We have a wonderful chat about & delve deeply into the Law of Attraction, life coaching, and much more! Renee is truly the real deal, and one who spreads nothing but light, love, and joy throughout the world with her amazing talents. Check out all of her phenomenal singing youtube music videos!

For the video version of this episode, go to

World Awakenings episode #14: June 20, 2019
Terry Wilson
Our featured guest in this episode of World Awakenings, Terry Wilson, is known by much of the public as a radio personality, and in recent years, as an accomplished photographer & videographer.

This interview with Terry reveals a side of him not many know about; his deep understanding and wisdom of all things metaphysical & spiritual via his practice as a Reiki Master & as an empath.

World Awakenings episode #13: April 15, 2019
Corinne Zupko
Author of the phenomenal new book “From Anxiety to Love”, Corinne Zupko discusses her own journey in overcoming her crippling anxiety to show you how you can do so too.

This chat with Corinne Zupko will awaken the Light & Truth of your very real Divine Self.

World Awakenings episode #12: March 30, 2019
Isabel Stal
Meditation/Yoga master teacher & professional Life Coach, Isabel Stal, of Oslo, Norway, returns for her second chat with World Awakenings!

We go in depth on the topic of meditation to help you understand how to incorporate it into your daily life to achieve greater peace, calm, less stress, and greater clarity.

Isabel’s teachings & guidance are part of the awakening of the world population’s to all things metaphysical & spiritual.

World Awakenings episode #11: March 20, 2019
David Hoffmeister
World Awakenings: The Fast Track to Enlightenment goes deep into the teachings and experiences of “A Course In Miracles” teacher & enlightened being, David Hoffmeister.

A globally respected & popular teacher of true non-dualistic Love, Light & Forgiveness, David discusses his own spiritual experiences, and just how & why the population of the world is now, more than ever, awakening to all things spiritual and mystical.

World Awakenings episode #10: Feb. 7, 2019
Jon Mundy
This new episode features “A Course In Miracles” foundational teacher, Dr. Jon Mundy.

Jon was right there at the start and connected with the Course’s scribe, Dr. Helen Schucman. Jon had been a minister, lecturer, expert, and teacher of religion, philosophy, mysticism, and of the non-dualistic spiritual principles of “A Course In Miracles” for over 5 decades.

Join me for this phenomenally enlightening & mind/heart expanding chat with Dr. Jon Mundy.

World Awakenings episode #9: Jan. 12, 2019
Cindy Lora-Renard
This conversation with Cindy Lora-Renard will blossom and expand your understanding of the uncompromising, non-dualistic spiritual principles and teachings of, “A Course In Miracles”.

Cindy concisely explains what true forgiveness is, plus this life, this world is but your illusion of separation from God, and how you can awaken from the dream and return to your true reality – at Home in the Arms of The Creator.


World Awakenings episode #8: Dec. 5, 2018
Rita Hurry
Law of Attraction Life Coach, Rita Hurry, continues the World Awakenings practice of spotlighting only the best experts in all things spiritual & metaphysical.

Based in London, Rita was awarded the Law of Attraction Life Coach of the Year award in 2015 and personifies what a true Mind, Body & Spirit Life Coach is.

If your heart and mind were not receptive to truths of metaphysical and spiritual teachings, they will be after listening to what Rita Hurry has to say to you in this show. Enjoy, my friends!

World Awakenings episode #7: Oct. 24, 2018
James Goi Jr.
Episode #7 of World Awakenings features some hard-hitting, paradigm-shattering thoughts that everything you think of as real in this world is actually the opposite of what you thought!

Metaphysical & Spiritual Master, James Goi Jr., is our guest, and discusses the principles & wisdom in his books, “The Supernatural Power of Thought” & “How to Attract Money Using Mind Power”.


World Awakenings episode #6: Sept. 26, 2018
Carolyn Rim

Carolyn is known as a Confidence Coach and is one of America’s top inspirational motivators, and holds transformational workshops and events that have helped thousands to release their inner “rock star”.

You will enjoy her personal story of going from being deeply depressed, a heavy smoker, and having only $36 in her bank account to now being a top coach who’s events all sell-out, and inspire you to reach for your own dreams!

World Awakenings episode #5: Sept. 11, 2018
Nori Love
Nori is a gifted metaphysical intuitive who is a healer, a Life Coach, a Certified Hypnotherapist, and a Reiki Master!

Nori Love is proof positive that the world is not only awakening to, but openly accepting and receiving the reality and truth of the joy, goodness, and Love that is available to each of us in the metaphysical realm. Enjoy!

World Awakenings episode #4: Aug. 16, 2018
Jennifer Hadley

The Fast Track to Enlightenment features an interview and discussion with one of the world’s premier teachers of “A Course In Miracles”, the pure, uncompromising, non-dualistic modern spiritual guide, based on true quantum forgiveness, Love, and Oneness!

This show is the most spiritually-forward show I have yet produced, and I am excited about the growth and healing you will receive by listening to it!

So open your heart and mind, and allow the Light, Love, and Truth to flow into your life!

World Awakenings episode #3: Wed, 01 Aug 2018
Brendan D. Murphy, author of a truly monumental book, “The Grand Illusion: A Synthesis of Science & Spirituality”.

Brendan and his work are absolutely mind-blowing and mind-expanding on all things metaphysical and spiritual, and show that science is now proving that which the spiritual icons and metaphysicians have been saying throughout all of history.

Get ready to have a truly mind-expanding experience as you listen to this episode!

World Awakenings episode #2: Mon, 09 Jul 2018
Law of Attraction Life Coach & Master Yoga Teacher, Isabel Stal, of Oslo, Norway.

Isabel is a true example of awakening to her full potential as a Light Worker, and in doing so, spreads that enlightenment to all who come in contact with her.

In our conversation, we delve deeply into just why the world is now opening their hearts & minds to the Truth of Light, Love, and Oneness.

Isabel Stal is the real deal, and I know you will enjoy this show!

World Awakenings episode #1: Tue, 19 Jun 2018
Christy Whitman, James Goi., Jr., Ryan Harris, and Gary Renard

In this first episode, I interview 3 top experts on the Law of Attraction, Christy Whitman, James Goi., Jr., and Ryan Harris. and 1 expert, Gary Renard, on the topic of true, non-dualistic spirituality based on the teachings of the modern spiritual guide, A Course In Miracles.

This show will help you to understand just why the world is now on the fast track to enlightenment!