Ho’oponopono, the Law of Attraction & Right-minded Spirituality

This article is a very interesting side-by-side comparison of two seemingly at odds, but very much in resonance spiritual teachings the Hawaiian/Polynesian spiritual practice called Ho’oponopono and what I call “right-minded spirituality” which is solidly grounded in the uncompromising, non-dualistic teachings of the modern spiritual guide, A Course In Miracles.

And of course, being a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, I cannot forget the bridge that brings the two together, the Law of Attraction.

The Four Key Elements of Ho’oponopono

First, let’s take a look at the four key elements of Ho’oponopono –

  • Repentance
  • Forgiveness
  • Gratitude
  • Love

Here is Ho’oponopono’s mantra – “I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.”

According to the teachings of this Hawaiian spirituality, by adhering to these four elements, you must take full responsibility for not only your own life, but everything that you see and encounter. You must take full responsibility because there is no “out there” outside of yourself. Instead, it’s all “in here”, in you, because you are the one projecting all that you see, hear, and experience.

This is very much in alignment with right-minded spirituality as the A.C.I.M. (A Course In Miracles) also teaches this in helping to you understand that this life is nothing but a dream projected by the ego. Like Ho’oponopono, it also states that there is no one else “out there”, because there is only one of us projecting the dream of this life, this world, this Universe.

This is in complete alignment with the A.C.I.M.’s teaching that true reality is complete Oneness of All-That-Is, and if All-Is-One, then there can be nothing outside of itself – of you –of me – there is only One.

Let us now do a side-by-side comparison of the how Ho’oponopono explains its four elements, and what A Course In Miracles has to say about them.


Ho’oponopono says that because you are the one projecting all of the world’s contrast that passes before your eyes – things that seem to be the other person’s fault or experience – now because you understand that it is all projected by you since there is no one else “out there”, you take responsibility for it all by saying outright, “I’m sorry”. As an article on Ho’oponopono on the website, Laughter Online University (author unnamed) explains, “I realize that I am responsible for the (issue) in my life and I feel terrible remorse that something in my consciousness has caused this.” In this case, this heartfelt statement of “I’m sorry”, then undoes all of your painful projection of contrast and conflict in this dream of a life.

The teaching of the A.C.I.M., comes from a different thought on the use of the words “I’m sorry.” Here are the words of author Gary Renard’s teacher, Arten, (as spoken in the book, Love Has Forgotten No One), “We told you not to say you’re sorry. People should catch themselves when they use certain words. If you say you’re sorry, then correct yourself in your mind. You don’t have to say things out loud. What you think is even more powerful than what you say, because thought always comes first, even if you don’t articulate it. When you think this way, you cannot help but have your unconscious mind undergo a healing by the Holy Spirit.”

 Even though it would seem that Ho’oponopono’s usage of the words “I’m sorry” are in conflict with right-minded spirituality, the underlying energy and thought indicates they are not. This is only because of the truth of the understanding that all of this is not real, it’s an illusion created in, of, and by you, by me, by us – The One. So the energy of love and truth flow beautifully and perfectly throughout the two approaches.

Again referring to the words “I’m sorry”, simply acknowledging that you are the one projecting all of the contrast that you perceive (i.e., tusnamis, wars, arguments, car wrecks, divorce, etc.) is enough for the Universe for you to be forgiven. This acknowledgment shows that you now understand that none of this life is real – it is only a dream, and illusion, a scam by the ego to keep you separate from your Creator. There really is no need to say “I’m sorry” because it will perpetuate the idea of separation from God. Simply acknowledging and admitting that you are the source of all of the contrast and conflict that you see through the dualistic eyes of the ego, causes you to immediately be healed by the Holy Spirit.


Forgiveness is the core teaching of A Course In Miracles. Actually this type of forgiveness is called Quantum Forgiveness, because it makes you aware that since this life is only a dream that is not really happening, you can forgive that someone or something – yourself, for that matter – for what has not really happened. There’s really nothing to forgive!

As stated in the lesson 121 in the A.C.I.M.’s Workbook for Students,

“Forgiveness is the key to happiness.

I will awaken from the dream that I

Am mortal, fallible and full of sin,

And know I am the perfect Son of God.”

Ho’oponopono’s view of forgiveness states that you should simply say “Please forgive me!” Because there is only one mind projecting this dream of a life and all of its dualistic, ever-changing, inconsistent, decaying illusions, when you say these words, you are asking The Creator to forgive you for dreaming it all – the thought of being separate from All-That-Is. The only issue I have with Ho’oponopono’s view of this is that it says you should remember your remorse for creating the dream. However if you are feeling remorse while forgiving, then, like saying “I’m sorry”, you are putting energy and emotion toward making the dream real – but it’s not. Practicing Quantum Forgiveness involves no remorse, because you know this is all not really happening. There is no need for remorse, because you are simply dismissing this dream of separation as not real, and therefore not putting any energy toward making it real and perpetuating it.

“Forgiveness is the home of miracles, because the miracle is forgiveness.”

– Gary Renard, from his book,

Love Has Forgotten No One: The Answer To Life


Gratitude is the one topic where Ho’oponopono and the right-mindedness of the A.C.I.M. are in complete an total harmony and resonance. As a matter of fact, gratitude is something that all the spiritual teachers throughout the ages have been saying – Be grateful for everything and anything in your life right now, and in every moment. As a matter of fact, gratitude is where the “rubber meets the road” as to just how 100% effective the Law of Attraction is. Being that the definition of the L.O.A. is, “like attracts like”, then the more grateful you are, the more the Universe must send into your life to be grateful for. It must be sent to you – it is Law!

Even Jesus stated…

 “Give, and it will be given you…for by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return.”

 This is a beautiful and simple explanation and observation of exactly how the Law of Attraction works, no matter if you practice Ho’oponopono, the teachings of the A.C.I.M, whether you’re atheist or agnostic, and whatever your color, creed, or culture.


Saying, thinking, and feeling the words “I love you” is where any ideas of being separate from your Creator vaporize, and the realization that Love is where your true power lies. Real Love is all-encompassing and can never be divided or separate. It is the reason that true reality is indivisible because All-Is-One is held together for eternity by the “glue” that Love is.

The place you have to be careful with Love is the practice of special love, as the human race practices almost universally. In other words, you say to your spouse, “I love you” when at the same time you hate your neighbor, or that politician you just saw on the news that you love to hate. This is special love – doling it out only to some, and withholding it from others. With real Love, you Love everyone and everything equally and totally.

True all-encompassing Love passeth all human understanding in that is cannot be withheld from anything or anyone. This is how Ho’oponopono, and A Course In Miracles practice and teach Love. Love Is.

I promised to show just how the Law of Attraction is the bridge that connects Ho’oponopono, the A.C.I.M., and any and all else spiritually enlightened teachings, and this is simply done by stating this formula…

Law of Attraction = Love

There can be no other conclusion than Law of Attraction = Love, because the Law of Attraction is known as the most powerful law in the Universe, just as Love is.

“The Law of Attraction or the Law of Love…they are one and the same.”Charles Haanel, author of The Master Key System (1912)

There can be no better bridge, no better connector, no better common denominator than the Law of Attraction. When used in the right-minded acknowledgement of all-pervasive Love and Oneness that is your real self, that is All-That-Is, you come to understand what a truly power creator you are.

As I am want to say, truly “There is nothing that you cannot be, do, or have!”

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