Light vs Dark: The Law of Polarity

The Law of Polarity

So why this picture?

Well, recently I used it for a post I did on my Karl Gruber Life Coach Facebook page in which I discussed the Law of Polarity.

This picture is a great representation of the “dark clouds of thoughts” our ego throws at us on a moment-to-moment basis – a myriad of thoughts that inject doubt, judgment, fear, lack, indecision, etc., all of which cause chaos in moving toward and creating the things you really want in your life – joy, success, purpose, abundance, truth, love, etc.

The beautiful part of this picture is the rays of light that easily and effortlessly slip right through each and every crack in this dark cloud of thought!

The Rays Of Your Divine Self

These are the rays of your Divine Self, where the light, love, and truth reside eternally! They are always available to you, but most of us have forgotten that this eternal light is our real self, not the dark clouds of thought generated by our ego.

Going back to the previously mentioned Law of Polarity – every thought we have is really two thoughts: One is the thought of lack of or not having what it is you want, and the other is thought of abundance or having what you really want. This is the nature of our dualistic existence in this world – every thought produces its exact opposite – spirit vs physical, love vs hate, abundance vs lack, hot vs cold.

Understanding The Law Of Polarity

Understanding the Law of Polarity becomes a beautiful thing in that it makes you realize that when something happens in your life that you don’t want, you immediately realize what you do want! Knowing this, you can then make very practical use of the Law of Attraction (“like attracts like”) to create in your life what you really do want!

As we go through our own life, I believe most of us finally come to realize that this is a “journey” – one where we realize that eventually, we have to follow our passion, our true purpose to be really happy, abundant, satisfied, joyful, and even healthy!

You will never totally rid yourself of those darn “dark clouds” your ego throws at you, but as you put your understanding of the Law of Polarity, the Law of Attraction, and the understanding of your own true, innate power to be, do, and have all that you desire, then the “forecast” of those dark clouds of thoughts brewing in your mind become fewer and farther apart – and the light becomes brighter and more frequent!

It’s been a while since I have posted a blog update, and I appreciate your patience as I am in the middle of a life-changing move to Hawaii! Once I get settled in, I will be more consistent in getting these messages out to you! Please feel free to visit my Karl Gruber Life Coach Facebook page

By the by, I think you will enjoy this book Being Enough NOW by Barbara Rose PhD. Barabara has written a groundbreaking self-help classic, she really has. In this book, she brings you face to face with your worth, your goals, your dreams, and your aspirations. At the same time, she very humbly and effectively teaches you how to feel that you are enough now.


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