My Journey Begins – Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach!

Karl Gruber, certified Law of Attraction Life Coach

After a 14 month process of studying, coaching, learning, and transforming myself, I officially became a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach on July 10, 2012!

If you are interested in pursuing the Life Coaching field, I highly recommend the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, owned & operated by Christy Whitman. Christy Whitman’s Home Page

To say that this school is run with integrity is an understatement! Actually, this coaching academy is run with Love and truth, because this is what the Law of Attraction is really, “Love & Truth!”

If you are not sure of what or how the Law of Attraction works, the simple definition of “like attracts like” says it all. What you think about and speak about consistently will manifest into your life – wanted or unwanted!

Be Careful What You Think – It Might Just Come True!

So with this understanding in mind, you need to choose your thoughts and words more carefully so that you manifest into your life what you really want – and what we all really want is happiness, abundance, peace, love, joy, and great health!

You have the choice at every moment of your life to consciously choose what it is you really want to be in your life! You, no one else – not your mother, your father, your spouse, or your employer – are the writer, producer and director of your life, so use your power create it as you would love to have it be.

I would love to do some Life Coaching with you, your group or organization, your family or friends, so feel free to contact me and set something up!

I Can Help You Integrate The Law Of Attraction In Your Life

As my coaching practice grows and expands, I will soon be offering webinars, podcasts, and videos that will help you understand how to integrate and utilize the Law of Attraction in your own life, and come to understand that there is only a Stream of Well-Being that flows through you and the Universe! That each one of us was created by and is One with our Source/Creator/God/Universe, and all of our brothers.

I love how scientist/author, Gregg Braden, calls the Law of Attraction, the “Divine Matrix” – an unseen grid that connects everything, every particle in the Universe instantaneously, no matter how far apart they are!

There’s so much to learn! So much to be, do and have!

I hope you take the journey of growing, expanding, learning, and loving with me!

One-on-one Life Coaching

Karl offers one-on-one Life Coaching from his studio in Columbus Ohio or Kona, Hawaii by appointment.

Find out today how a one-on-one Life Coaching session can help empower you to create the life you really want!

Karl Gruber

My work as a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach has blossomed out of my deep belief that you have an “extraordinary” – a very real champion – deep within you that is just waiting to be unleashed, and blossom to its fullest potential – a champion that you may not even be aware of that has existed within you since the moment you were born! My focus on helping you to understand, practice and integrate fitness, health, and well-being into your life, is just one piece of the formula to unleash your inner champion.

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