Quantum Forgiveness

TRUE FORGIVENESS – A Thought process Example

You’re not really there. If I think you are guilty or the cause of the problem, and if I made you up, then the imagined guilt and fear must be in me. Since the separation from God never occurred, I forgive ‘both’ of us for what we haven’t really done. Now there is only innocence, and I join with the Holy Spirit in peace.” – as spoken by the Ascended Master, Pursah, in the book, The Disappearance of the Universe

Quantum Forgiveness

So what exactly is “Quantum” Forgiveness?

First, let’s look at what forgiveness is as our ego-driven world has always and does now use it. When you forgive someone or something the way the world uses it, you say, “I forgive you”, and when you say this, you actually take a stance of superiority and judgement based on who or what being “forgiven” as actually having done something that you consider sinful or guilty.

You say and may really feel as if you have “let it go” or forgiven, but in your heart, mind and subconscious, there remains a feeling of inequality. You yet consider that you are at a higher level than them because you considered that they actually did something very real that was bad, sinful or guilty, but took a benevolent stance.

While the word “Quantum” certainly has New Age overtones and has quite a wide variety of meanings. It can mean anything from the smallest amount to very large quantities of something, but I like the World English Dictionary’s definition – (modifier) loosely, sudden, spectacular, or vitally important: a quantum improvement.

It’s Not My Fault! (Or Is It?)

With Quantum Forgiveness, you come from the Holy Spirit’s right-minded thinking that any judgement you may have that someone has done something you need to “forgive” actually is your projection of your own unconscious guilt onto them. When you project your guilt onto another, it is a way for you to make them responsible, and say to yourself, “It’s not my fault! They are the ones at fault here!”

When you practice Quantum Forgiveness you are actually forgiving the other person for what they didn’t really do – you are actually forgiving yourself for projecting your unconscious guilt onto them! As Gary Renard’s book, The Disappearance of the Universe, reminds us, “…a component of practicing forgiveness when you’re confronted by an opportunity would be to remember that you’re dreaming…

If you remember that you’re dreaming, then there’s nothing out there but your projection.” So the driving factor behind understanding true Quantum Forgiveness is that the world, your body, your life is simply a dream, an illusion and that you are really asleep and dreaming, but still at home with the Holy Father, at one with Him!

As Renard goes on to say, “…these are the major components of forgiveness: I remember I’m dreaming, I forgive both my projected images and myself for dreaming them, and I trust the Holy Spirit and choose His strength. My dream that the separation from God is real is the cause of the problem, and the Holy Spirit’s forgiveness is the solution.”

Feeling And Knowing Of Peace And Love

I have been attempting to consistently and consciously practice what I call “Quantum Forgiveness”, and the result is a feeling and knowing of peace and love. When you practice true Quantum Forgiveness there can be no compromise! You must forgive everyone who you perceive and judge as having done something hurtful, insulting, abusive or painful – from the bully at school to the guy who flipped you off in traffic to Hitler!

Remember, your thoughts of judgment, guilt, and sin actually are a projection and a form of attack on your Holy Brother of your unconscious guilt so that you no longer are at fault. And finally, Gary Renard tells us in his book, “…demonstrate that you mean you want the peace of God not with your words, but by your forgiveness.”

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