Step Out of Your Comfort Zone! Unleash Your Champion from Within!

Unleash Your Champion

So one of my prime passions in life is helping people to understand that there is a Champion (or in the case of these 2 cuties in costumes) a “Super Hero” deep within you waiting to be unleashed! You were born with this built into you!

It is the REAL you, the essence of the Creator who you are One with – eternally! And yes, you just may have to leave your comfort zone in order to allow this Champion of yours to be unleashed and blossom to the fullest!

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Unleash Your Champion from Within

I understand this intimately as I fully unleashed my Champion in 1996-’97 when I successfully ran 52 marathons in 52 weeks to raise money & awareness for leukemia research!

Talk about leaving my comfort zone!

So if you would like to find your true passion, take time to sit down quietly without any distractions, and connect with your true inner Champion.

I found it pretty interesting that during my morning meditation today I read Lesson 186 in “A Course In Miracles” which states, “Salvation of the world depends on me.”

Unleash Your Champion From Within

What this means that your “Champion” is the true purpose that was Creator-installed in you, and MUST be unleashed! Because once you allow your Champion out you will be truly living your purpose. When you are on purpose, the world benefits in far many ways than you could ever conceive!

So take the time to live your purpose – whether its being a baker, a painter, a president or a marathon runner – and TRULY the world MUST become a better place, because YOU lived your live to the fullest – you Unleashed the Champion within!


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Karl Gruber

My work as a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach has blossomed out of my deep belief that you have an “extraordinary” – a very real champion – deep within you that is just waiting to be unleashed, and blossom to its fullest potential – a champion that you may not even be aware of that has existed within you since the moment you were born! My focus on helping you to understand, practice and integrate fitness, health, and well-being into your life, is just one piece of the formula to unleash your inner champion.

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