Your Life Is A Book

I believe that everyone’s life merits a book. That’s right, your life is a book waiting to be written and published. The funny thing is that many of us have done some things so crazy, and had things happen to us that are so far fetched that seemingly no one could possibly believe it. It’s the old adage that “truth is stranger than fiction”!

Your life is a book waiting to be written

I’ve Never Marched To The Beat Of The Usual Drummer

Take me for example – I have been a hippie. I was a radio disc jockey at a country music station, I have run trail races in amazing places like the Big Horn Mts. in Wyoming, around a live volcano on the Big Island of Hawai’i, and Pt. Reyes National Seashore in California.

I once ran 52 marathons in 52 weeks. I’ve been married, but not for a long time. I wrestled women in the mud in a bar. I’ve lived in Hawai’i. I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. I’ve delivered medical parts & instruments.

I have worked in running specialty stores in Columbus, Ohio & Kona, Hawai’i. I’ve taken care of my sick mom & dad until their passing. I’ve loved a couple women in my lifetime with a passion, and lost them.

I’ve seen the world go from black & white TV and typewriters to having the equivalent of a super computer in a smartphone, and being connected immediately to everyone on the planet instantly via the amazing Internet.

And yes, I have written 3 books (one paper & 2 eBooks) with more to come. I’ve never marched to the beat of the usual drummer in our society. I intend to continue living my life to the highest level of health, and joyfulness as long as possible.

And now, I have discovered a new passion. I have uncovered my life purpose, and that is to be a shining beacon of light, love, and truth of our Source, of All-That-Is.

Ordinary People Can Accomplish Extraordinary Things

I have finally come to realize that despite the fact that we all have highly individualized life experiences and an infinite variety of perspectives on everything, that the real truth is that we are all One. There is great power within you to create the extraordinary via your life story to inspire others to reach for their highest aspirations, dreams, and goals.

Through your story you can bring inspiration, joy, love, and power to each and every person who comes in contact with you. As I am want to say, “Ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things”!

What this means is that you are extraordinary at your core being, the real you, the you who is a Divine Being at One with all of your brothers and sisters, at One with God. This is where all Power comes from. This is what powers your life story, and once you realize this, you then can use your story to motivate, inspire, and help the world release all thoughts and judgments of lack & attack, and go after their dreams that they had previously considered impossible.

Here’s the key, however, you can live a life that is totally wild and crazy, or you can live your life marching to the beat of the usual drummer, whichever path you choose, but you have to do it with the integrity of walking the talk that you talk. You have to live your life in harmony and resonance with the eternal Universal Truth of Love & Oneness.

Then, only then, will you tune into your particular life purpose that will make a very real positive difference in the world and find true joy and peace in your own life.

I look forward to getting an autographed copy of your book.

One-on-one Life Coaching

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Karl Gruber

My work as a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach has blossomed out of my deep belief that you have an “extraordinary” – a very real champion – deep within you that is just waiting to be unleashed, and blossom to its fullest potential – a champion that you may not even be aware of that has existed within you since the moment you were born! My focus on helping you to understand, practice and integrate fitness, health, and well-being into your life, is just one piece of the formula to unleash your inner champion.

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