Your Ups And Downs Of Life & How To Always Bounce Back

Most all students of the Law of Attraction know that everything is energy. And if you are not even familiar with the Law of Attraction, that does not change the fact that everything is energy. First, you need to contemplate that energy vibrates at various frequencies, which is represented in science as a fluctuating wave of energy.

Energy vibrates at various frequencies and influences the Ups and Downs of Life

If you take a moment to study and observe a vibrating frequency wave, you can easily see that it has a peak and then a valley, a peak and then a valley repeated over and over again. These peaks and valleys can change in height and length according to how and if the energy it consists of vibrates at a faster or slower rate.

So you may already be saying to yourself, “Oh great, I’m getting a science lesson”, however, it would be wise to note that this is a science lesson of life – specifically your life!

Since everything is energy, this means that you are energy, which also means that you vibrate at various frequencies that fluctuate according to lower or higher vibrational levels, with all the peaks and valleys, too.

Most People NEVER Reach Their Peak

Now the problem with the majority of the world’s populace (unfortunately) is not only are they ignorant of this knowledge that their life is but a being of pure vibrational energy, but they know not how to control how long they stay either on the “peak” or in the “valley” of their life.

Without this key knowledge, some people achieve their peak, but stay there only for a very short time, and when they hit their valley they stay there far too long, with some not coming out of the low vibrating valley for 10, 20, 40, even 70 years. In other words, some people remain in the valley their entire life, and rarely, if at all, ever catch a glimpse of the glorious light and joy that is available to them at their peak.

As a student and practitioner of the Law of Attraction, you are at a great advantage over most people in that you now have the understanding that you have the power to consciously point yourself in the direction of your peak, and the ability to stay their for longer and more consistent amounts of time.

This means more joy, happiness, peace, and abundance is accessible to you throughout your lifetime. As a practitioner of the Law of Attraction, when you do find yourself in a low vibrating valley in your life, you understand and realize that you have a pre-installed ability to change your vibrational level, and many times move to your next peak with relative ease and effortlessness.

You Can Control Your Ups and Downs of Life

Think about how powerful and freeing this is that you have the knowledge that you can control the high points and the low points in your life! You can stay at your peak for longer and longer periods of time, and blast out of your valleys rather quickly.

Of course, you need to understand that even if you are an enlightened individual, you more than likely will never totally eliminate your descent into the low vibrating, not-a-fun-place-to-be valley.

However, because you understand that you are in control and guided by your Emotional Guidance System (if you feel good you’re in alignment with that which you desire. If you feel bad, you are out of alignment), you have the ability to shorten your visits to the valley, and stay for longer and longer periods at the peak times of your life. When you get to this point in your life, you see this is not a complex formula.

Knowledge + Control = Peak Life x ∞ (Infinity)

And who wouldn’t want this? Of course, everyone does want it, but without the knowledge that you have the power to choose to direct your own energy, to direct your thoughts and emotions to a place upon the peak that vibrates at a higher, better feeling frequency, its not possible.  This knowledge that you can direct yourself to the peak of your life is one of, if not the most important discoveries known to man.

Imagine being able to stay for longer and longer and longer periods of time living in abundance, health, joy, peace, and happiness! And when you do slip down to a lower vibrating place in the valley, then you can quickly remember, “Oh yes, I have power to choose to move back up to my peak”. This allows you to bounce back from the bad, poor feeling times in your life. You truly are a deliberate, powerful creator of all that you really desire, and the Law of Attraction is always there to work hand-in-hand with you.

Karl Gruber is a QSCA certified Life Coach who practices “Whole-istic” life coaching, based on the principles of his eBook, “The 3 Pillars: A Simple 3 Step Process to Manifest Positive & Permanent Change In Your Life”. (Click on the book title link to download your free copy now) Want to know more about Karl? Watch this in-depth interview that Natalie Ledwell of Mind Movies did with him on “The Inspiration Show”.

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Karl Gruber

My work as a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach has blossomed out of my deep belief that you have an “extraordinary” – a very real champion – deep within you that is just waiting to be unleashed, and blossom to its fullest potential – a champion that you may not even be aware of that has existed within you since the moment you were born! My focus on helping you to understand, practice and integrate fitness, health, and well-being into your life, is just one piece of the formula to unleash your inner champion.

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